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Workforce management system for logistics sector
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Workforce management system for logistics sector

Suomen Suoramainonta

Optimization of distribution. Our challenge was to help SSM optimize the distribution of millions of leaflets across all areas for each distribution day, enable the creation of highly customizable printouts of distribution instructions and manage a distribution plan with a 2-year perspective.

One of the technology challenges included creating a web application with a window-based interface that end-users were already accustomed to using.

Another was building full bidirectional data synchronization between two services via message queues on each data change in any of the systems. We also had to create an admin panel for message queues and a detection system for synchronization failures.

We provided a scrum team of eight including developers supported by a tester, a devops engineer and a scrum master. The team built the back end system, designed and launched the web application and modified the message queue facilitating communication with other applications in its client’s ecosystem.

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Espeo developers created the web application and deployed it to the client’s infrastructure. We developed the backend using Java 8, Spring. Our team used Vaadin for the web view and its communication with the backend. RabbitMQ facilitated data synchronization between the system and other applications in the client ecosystem.

The project started in August 2016. We started with a scrum team of four, which grew to eight in 2017. Once we reached the goal and the rollout to other distribution groups started, the project went into maintenance mode with minimum development and a smaller team.

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