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Superfast Jamstack Website For Insurance Business.
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Superfast Jamstack Website For Insurance Business.


Those of you familiar with marketing best practices will know that consumers are very impatient, and the slightest issue/delay may cause them to abandon the page.
One of the most important competitive advantages online nowadays is simplicity combined with blazing speed.
Together with a deep understanding of what your clients are looking for, this combination is able to immediately create a sense of proactivity, clarity, and ultimately - trust, which is the most important currency in the insurance business. There is no better way to serve people than to serve them in a clear and immediate way.
And this is why we decided to use the hottest of modern web technology for this project.
- Gatsby
- React
- Styled Components
- Netlify

To Build A Ultra Fast Digital Business Page For A Small New York Company.
To Gain The Online Advantage With Ultra Fast Website For A Small New York Insurance Company.

LBI Financial is a company with a very clear goal: To make insurance easy.
They help individuals and businesses with life insurance, disability, long-term care, and annuities.
It is a small business based in New York - a city that is just too well known for its competitiveness.
We met Paul Horrocks, a founder of LBI and a non-profit organization to challenge men to reduce poverty and injustice, by working on
another project.
He knew that being open and clear with people that search for help with such important cases is crucial. This is why we decided to choose Gatsby as a core technology for his ultra-fast, and extremely clear website.

We have chosen Gatsby for many reasons that were aligned to our end goal.
As a result, we have build a website that is:
- seo (best)friendly
- blazingly fast
- extremely secure
- low on maintenance cost
- highly performant
- future proof

Main technology

Gatsby JS



Supporting technologies

Gatsby JS
Styled Components


Gatsby JS development


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