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Setting trends in business consulting through digital transformation
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Setting trends in business consulting through digital transformation

Progress Factors GmbH

Developing a software solution that meets the business requirements of an innovative management consultancy and is able to adapt in times of digital change was the next logical step for Progress Factors. The goal was to develop this software as quickly as possible and to incorporate it into Progress Factors’ business model in order to create an innovative consulting experience for customers.
In the first Progress Factors’ team brainstorming session, which took place at the beginning of the pandemic in the spring of 2020, many ideas came up. Spurred on by the current situation and the already agile way of thinking in the team, it was clear to everyone that in a VUCA world that is changing faster than ever, it is extremely important to adapt and be resilient. The COVID-19 pandemic is at best a case study in this context. In light of the state of the world at the time, “Knowing how and when to change” became the team’s core motto. Their focus shifted towards raising awareness of how to deal with a crisis and how to implement (new or changed) strategies. They continued to work, as they always have, in the spirit of "Where strategy happens" — not only to come up with and develop strategies, but also to help companies implement them.
To answer the question as to which platform would best fit the company’s business model, Objectivity held a Proof of Concept (PoC) workshop together with Progress Factors. The company was looking for software that would be fast, flexible, and cost-effective — to meet these requirements, they decided to develop the solution as a Mendix low-code application.
In the late summer of 2020, Progress Factors joined forces with Objectivity, their trusted technology partner, to realise their vision.

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