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Evaluating educational apps for Education Alliance Finland
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Evaluating educational apps for Education Alliance Finland

Education Alliance Finland

The project was initiated because EAF wanted to improve their main business process — the creation of evaluations of educational products. Before the Kokoa Elevate tool was built, evaluators had to prepare evaluations manually, which was a very time consuming and error-prone process.

The idea behind the project was to implement a tool that will facilitate the creation of evaluations by introducing a wizard-like web-based application. Once the evaluation is finished, the evaluated product could be easily showcased on the EAF portal.

OUR ROLE - Adapting to new technologies
Kokoa Elevate was one of the first commercial products using Google Slides API. The project was started just after the first official release of the API. When developing the next versions of the Kokoa Elevate tool Espeo had to rework its architecture, to make it possible for group work and a more controlled process of evaluating the educational products.

Ensuring teachers have the tools they need for their students to succeed. EAF needed a tool that evaluates the learning aspects of educational products, including applications or other digital aids. Espeo was fully responsible for the technical side of the project.

We proposed architecture and suggested using Google Slides API, which was a great choice and allowed EAF to reuse the evaluation resources they had been using before the project was even started. Espeo team took care of both front-end and back-end development.

We built a complex web-based evaluation tool that follows a scientifically proven method in every aspect of the reviewing process.

We also developed the Kokoa website along with a product catalog. In addition to programming, we lead the testing efforts. At the moment Kokoa Elevate is in production mode and Espeo is taking care of the maintenance of the platform.

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