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EV charging stations management system
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EV charging stations management system


Making an electricity usage dashboard sexy. Once the product launched and after some positive feedback from Ensto’s end clients, the company came back to us looking to add more features. We started with a small set of features but as the product evolved, Ensto found they needed more — especially features that help their clients with reporting and invoicing. The project was initially supposed to last a few months but lasted for nearly two years. Our team delivered features using the newest technologies and strategies to make good use of them.


Our team of developers delivered expertise in the latest trends and technology where Ensto needed it the most. They came back to us later to develop more features, having been very pleased with the first version we built.


Focus on what you’re good at delegate the rest
Of course, they also saved a lot of money and time. They had a good product but they didn’t have supporting software to make a good impression overall for their clients.
Ensto produced hardware but needed a team of experts to craft software to make it more appealing. Clients see the savings in cooperation with us when they see the return on investment. For Ensto, the time to market was more crucial. They needed to act fast and get an agile team together to quickly fill knowledge gaps.

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