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Cutting-edge predictive analysis
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Cutting-edge predictive analysis


PwC was looking to create a technologically advanced, market-leading software solution tailored to meet the needs of their sports industry clients. The main aim of the product was to accelerate sports coaches’ decision-making capabilities through the use of predictive analysis based on virtual and real-life data.
Having a clear vision of the project in mind, PwC wanted to further test the feasibility of the solution in the market.

Project Details
PwC engaged Objectivity as it was key to work with technology experts who are trusted and able to provide end-to-end services.
While discussing project details and business objectives, Objectivity proposed to create a functional, high-fidelity prototype of the solution, and to collaborate with PwC’s data scientists in the formulation and refinement of the solution.
Creating such a prototype would enable Objectivity to more accurately estimate the project’s scope and provide PwC with a tool with which they would be able to begin the pre-sales process and garner potential future users. Sharing the prototype of the solution with users would additionally provide PwC with valuable user and market insights, allowing them to tailor the final product to align with the feedback.
To estimate the delivery scope and create the prototype, Objectivity engaged PwC’s stakeholders in a 4-week product design workshop. The workshop with PwC’s Data & Analytics team centred around an in-depth analysis of user needs and the technological approaches which could be applied to meet them. It presented the gathered insights and enabled Objectivity to accurately plan what they would need to do to develop the most fit-for-purpose software. It also gave PwC a better understanding of how users will interact with the product.
The output of the workshop was a high-fidelity prototype of the solution that was ready to be presented and demonstrated to buyers.

Business Benefits
Deciding to invest in a high-fidelity prototype of their innovative product idea has allowed PwC to see a range of business benefits.
As a result, PwC was equipped with a tangible, working prototype before having to invest a large amount of money into the realisation of the entire project. They were able to present this prototype to the internal investment committee, showcasing the product’s range of cutting-edge predictive analytics functionalities. In addition, the prototype enabled them to test PwC’s idea against the market and gather valuable, in-depth user feedback, which additionally helped to validate its business case.

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