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Communication platform for early education service providers
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Communication platform for early education service providers


Smarter tool to track learning progress. A day in the life of early childhood teachers can be hectic and fast-paced — chaotic even. That’s the reality of working with small children. The idea behind the application is to aid the work of pre-school teachers by providing tools and theoretical materials on the children’s development.

Due to the lack of in-house developers, TinyApp decided to outsource all technological solutions including architecture planning, development, deployments, infrastructure setup and maintenance. For this, they chose Espeo as their long-term development partner.
Our work in this project plays a vital role in TinyApp’s international growth. Because of the scaling nature of the business, we need to ensure that the product meets the growing demands. The cooperation between TinyApp and Espeo sets an example of how to best outsource your project. The urge for distance learning grew with COVID-19 and TinyApp had to adapt quickly on the features and materials.

We scale and ensure a bug-free product
Our team size varies in terms of needs but the steady team consists of two backend developers, one React Native mobile app developer and a part-time tester. On the client’s side we are cooperating closely with the product owner, business representative and customer representative.
We’re developing the cross-platform mobile application and two web dashboards, one for users and another for administrators.
Furthermore, we’re making sure the AWS implemetation is working properly, the service is running properly and that the server’s capacity fits TinyApp’s current needs.More and more facilities are joining and also bigger organizations realize the value of the product. Espeo needs to adapt features fixes for better management of large organizations.

Steady growth and international expansion
More than 4,000 parents and kids as well as almost 700 teachers are benefiting from the pedagogical assistant.
Besides the continuous growth which TinyApp is experiencing in Finland, the company also is expanding internationally to countries such as India and Malaysia. The demand for education technologies to support children, teachers and parents is increasing and we’re happy that Espeo is part of this meaningful journey.

Main technology

React Native



Supporting technologies



Mobile development
Back-end development



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