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An Online Recruitment Platform For C-level Executives.
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An Online Recruitment Platform For C-level Executives.


GatedTalent is a platform dedicated to both recruiters and highly experienced executive professionals. GatedTalent platform meets the needs of executives with exceptional skills seeking to engage with executive recruiters over the course of their career. They gain access to career opportunities that typically aren’t made available to the general public and can maintain a confidential relationship with recruiters. On the other side, recruiters gain access to senior executives and benefit from well thought out functionality and intuitive UI in order to expediate the recruitment process.

- countries covered by executive membership - 75
- executive search firms contracted since october 2017 - 160
- countries executive search firms contracted from - 27
- compliance messages are in the process of sending out to the world’s senior executives - 3 000 000

The goal for our team was to develop a high quality, built in ReactJS, modern User Interface for the application.
First of all, we needed a well designed and user-friendly interface project. Once completed, our Front-End Developers have to implement Views connected with .NET Core REST API to Database in accordance with customer provided documentation.

We have been working on the project since the beginning. Thanks to remarkable cooperation between a great team comprising of .NET Developers, Project Managers, Testers and others, the live version was ready for deployment after 4 months of hard work.
We provided to the project three React Developers, one HTML & CSS UI Developer and UX Designer. Bartosz (UI/UX Designer) has been responsible for providing overall application user interface design. Joanna (HTML & CSS UI Developer) has been responsible for making the design come alive by implementing every component.
Then our three other teammates (React Developers) started to add functionalities based on ReactJS. First of all, they consulted Project Managers about overall architecture and had 4 months for MVP deployment. They have been using Visual Studio Team Service to manage their workflow using an Agile methodology. Sprints have a typical duration of two weeks which helps them to manage ongoing challenges.
The platform is constantly developing and the team continues to work closely on the project adding additional user features and functionality.

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